Making Mindfulness Meaningful: Establishing Traits that Support Long-Term Recovery

Join us Friday, September 13th at the Third Street Center in Carbondale, Colorado for this insightful and pragmatic mindfulness training with John Bruna and Mary Mike Haley. Participants will receive a certificate for 3 hours of professional development and all proceeds will be donated to A Way Out to support all of the good work they are providing to our community.

Cost: By donation (any amount). We will collect donations to A Way Out at the event. You can register here

About the training: All too often, mindfulness is watered down to simple practices and exercises to become more present in the moment and more aware of one’s bodily sensations. While these practices are valuable and can provide some temporary release from stress and rumination, often they are isolated from the other therapeutic processes you are offering your clients and after treatment, they fall to the wayside. Developing the skills of living mindfully empowers your clients to develop long-term traits and healthy habits that allow them to integrate the therapeutic tools you offer them into their daily lives in a practical and sustainable way. 

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Our Clinical Director, MaryMichael Haley is presenting at this year’s Compassion Fest! Join us Saturday, August 10th at 1:30pm for her workshop.

Am I a Stranger In My Body?: Linking Physical Reactions to Our Emotions
Where in your body do you feel sadness? How does your body react to anxiety? When we are faced with emotional triggers or trauma, our physical responses can be helpful in identifying and processing those emotions. Learning how to link these natural physical reactions to our emotions, can aid us in establishing healthy coping mechanisms. This workshop will help you recognize where your feelings manifest in your body, how to deescalate and take action. It will also help you distinguish healthy versus harmful coping mechanisms and introduce you to simple grounding techniques.

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